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Experience healing in this subtle, yet sophisticated and most direct mode of healing. All that you need to do is be open to receive. Every body benefits from energy clearing and restoration, especially if you experience pain, emotional blocks, depression, chronic illness and lethargy.

Sessions are designed by consultation and can be packaged with yoga therapy sessions.



Here’s What They’re Saying

The first energy session in this coastal paradise:

I was greeted by Melissa as I walked through the gates of her property.  I took a few moments to take in her beautiful garden space and view of the ocean which overlooks Bonniebrook Beach.  We walked into the space where the energy session took place which was a cozy studio with a comfortable massage table, a sauna for post session bliss, and a window with an amazing view (in which we had three deer peacefully munching on some grass just outside).

Before the session began, Melissa and I took some time to check in and get connected with what was to come during the session.  Up onto the table I went and the journey began.  I had recently finished a 9 week group yoga series with Melissa and done two individual yoga sessions with her, so my trust was completely in her hands.  With her loving touch and my deep trust for her, we were able to explore, release energy, and open all of my chakras (something that I had never done before).  Melissa was able to tap into energy that I had been storing in my body for many years and helped me release some of it.  I have a long journey ahead up me, no doubt, but with this new awareness of energy flowing (or not flowing for that matter) in my chakras, and through daily meditation, I'm confident that I will have happy days ahead of me.  

Thank you, again, Melissa.  Your love and light radiates more than you can imagine!  I can't wait to book another session soon!!  

Written by:  Doug Styles ... father, husband, educator, yogi in training. 


"What you think you become, what you feel you attract, what you imagine you create."