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Take your relationship to the Next Level

An embodied and mindful approach to relationships

Couples sessions are a unique way to spend time and connect with a loved one. These sessions are skillfully tailored to each couple and each session is unique. 

In most relationships, engaging in embodied practices with your partner out of the bedroom is rare. In a session, the combination of moving together, and deeply listening to one another, creates the opportunity for playfulness, deeper connection, greater awareness and more meaningful communication. Nurture the intimacy that arises from simply being present to each other moment by moment, breath by breath.


These sessions are not limited to couples in an intimate relationship! They are valuable for any persons: friends, co-workers, parent-child and siblings. 

No yoga experience is necessary.

Sessions can be in person or online in my private Zoom account. 


You will need a yoga mat, sitting cushion and any other props you have available.

Duration: 1 hour (first session will be 90 min)


$150 / 1 session

$400 / 3 sessions

$675 / 5 sessions

To experience the most transformation it is recommended to have a minimum of 3 to 5 sessions.

"Great communication starts with connection"

Oprah Winfrey

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