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Image by frank mckenna


Awakening to subtle energy or experiencing a kundalini awakening can be an isolating experience. Its hard to know who or where to turn to. Web searches can reveal quite frightening and differing experiences. As each individual will unravel in different ways due to their accumulations and blocks, its hard to find information specific to your felt experience. Its also not a good idea to go down too many chat room rabbit holes.


My Kundalini awakening was a gradual process from 2012 to 2020. Eight years of working through issues, committing to practices and mostly letting go of fear. It was a lonely process with no-one to share all the weird and crazy experiences with. Even as a teacher in a yoga community, there was no-one able to say " yes, I understand". It wasn't until I visited an Ashram in 2020 when I met other people that had the same convulsions as me when we hugged that I felt I could be understood. But yogis are mostly trained to ask questions rather than explain....... "what do you think is happening?" is a common response to questions. Sometimes we need more direct support. We need to be nurtured by someone who has experienced something similar. 


My wish is to support​ anyone who is curious, afraid, excited, sad, feeling the highs and the lows. Whether your energy is just waking up or is blowing through you fervently, please get in touch. I'm here for you.

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