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"Body Mind Wisdom was an amazing journey of self-discovery. Not only did it bring many insights but it also brought clear and concrete actions. I left this 8-week program feeling more connected to myself, to my truth, and to staying in conscious, compassionate flow in my life. THANKS Melissa for so thoughtfully designing and facilitating this powerful program!”

L. Tallon

“This program is a beautiful and gentle way to explore exactly where you are in life. With each week and theme there is an opportunity for internal connection with the body, mind, and spirit. Very informative with practical ‘tools’ for moving in daily life. This is not a ‘woo woo’ program!”

Lori Edwards

“Working with PRYT has helped me to recognize my truth, and work with this truth to lessen discomfort and disease and create more harmony and alignment in my life.


“Going through Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy was a real inward journey for me. I have come out of this group with a lot more self-awareness and tools to help me in daily life. I will be forever grateful for this journey and experience and I would recommend it to anyone I know. Much love and gratitude to you Melissa”

Kim Barbaro

“An amazing way to open up to your inner awareness and heal within”


This program exceeded my expectations. It changed my life in so many positive ways. I'm finally listening to my body!! Actually, I'm finally listening, period, to my family, to my friends, and to the wisdom and beauty that is offered in every moment. This is an experiential experience that is simple but profound.
Melissa is a one-of-a-kind facilitator. Her presence and attentiveness gives you a deep sense of being listened to and understood. This work is truly her gift.

Mike Allen

Melissa's Body Mind Wisdom series was an amazing journey deeper in to myself. Every week you are given practices designed to reveal another layer of whatever issue you are working on within yourself. After the 8 weeks concluded, I felt I had a much better understanding of myself and that I could take these lessons forward with me in life.

Jennifer May

Melissa is wonderful at holding space; loving, caring and insightful. She was intuitive about what every individual in the group needed, and could integrate each session with insight and flexibility.

This program changes how you go through life and gives you strategies that you use.


A wonderful thing to do as part of a journey towards finding balance and understanding what exactly finding balance might mean.


Great way to connect with your body, your soul, other people, Get more aware in your life, your actions, your thoughts, and intentions.


This journey to self-compassion has left me feeling safer - more deeply okay - more present, connected, and more full of a sense of possibility. Melissa is deeply grounded and a radiantly loving presence. She created a safe environment to do the work.

Bridie Cotter

Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy has opened my mind, body, and emotional body to the idea that my life can be fluid and I can take myself anywhere I desire.

I found sanctuary within myself.

Chelsea Cotton

This course is very welcoming to all. I felt part of a community even though I don't have a 'yoga body' or experience in yoga.


I learned some simple but powerful techniques for tuning in to my body and choices and getting out of my head and into more peaceful, intention-led moments. Melissa is a very warm presence and guide for some -at times - sad and frightening moments. I really appreciated her thoughtful active listening and empathy.

Dec 2018


I felt myself grow with this program that will translate well into all areas of my daily life.

Dec 2018


An easy guided practice for anyone feeling ready to participate in a program that is transformative for both mind and body.

Dec 2018


I had a profound shift in my life and how I show up in my Truth. Prepare for an opening like nothing you would imagine!

Lesley Morgan

Melissa gently leads you to a level within yourself to dig deeper, to feel and acknowledge "whats happening now".

Joanne Windblad

Learning to embody my innate wisdom in a regular practice of self acceptance was life changing.

David Hallstead

Life changing tools to build your 'personal toolbox'. Everyone can use more peace and less judgement in life.
Circle time had so much impact. It helped to breakdown barriers; to allow and understand through others stories.


Melissa's guidance of our Mens group was expert level. She struck a beautiful balance of direction & freedom for self discovery, and guidance. The combination of group circle, guided movement, journaling and meditation created an experience much greater than the sum of its parts. I am leaving this series a changed person.

Andrew Stott

Melissa is a very kind, open, knowledgeable and compassionate yoga teacher. Fully recommend. Time well spent.

RJ Morgan

This group, this experience changes everything. It's amazing to participate in something like this and literally watch as life slows down and richness gradually seeps in.


Coming together with other truth seekers in an open relaxed and gentle way allows me to 'see' myself and my patterns with more ease and clarity. This program is a gift to the 'Self'.

Karen Foley

This is a safe space for everyone to speak (or not), to listen, to be heard and to grow. Melissa's guidance is very loving and clear.


This course was life-changing. It really allowed me to take a deeper look at how I show up in the world and my reaction to various situations. It built my self-awareness, my confidence, and my ability to truly look at myself in a healthy way. Thank you Melissa!!


This program provided me with a knowledge of self that will help me live a more meaningful life. I feel more confident in living my truth.

Bradley Hartwell

This course brought me back in touch with the little light inside me. I was reminded how to curate it and build it brighter and protect it, how to love and honour it.

Aleisha Friesen

This program has accompanied me through a big life change and assisted me to remain calm and grounded. The tools from the course will be beneficial for me as I continue along my journey. I highly recommend this program for anyone looking to connect deeper with their inner mind. Thank you Melissa.

A. O'Brien

Melissa was great. She really listened and heard what you were saying. She created a safe environment for everyone.


If you're looking for a class that will dive as deep as you are willing to take it, bringing you to uncomfortable edges for the reward of more self awareness and authentic connection, this course will do just that.


As a teacher I support many kids and their families (and teachers) who are carrying their own burdens around with them. Doing this work has created space for me to connect with these individuals to bring some peace and happiness in to their lives.

Doug Styles

This course has and continues to change my life fundamentally. I have taken it twice and plan to return. I have seen it impact many others and would /do recommend it to anyone who is ready to do the work to improve their life.

David Hallstead

This course took me on a journey that was challenging and beautiful. I loved that the course weaves together yoga, meditation, writing, dancing with group sharing. And more importantly, intention setting actions. Wonderfully facilitated.


  • Created space in my heart

  • Created ease in my life & relationships

  • Opened up my possibilities


My experience allowed me to release stress, deepen personal relationships, and make positive changes that have drastically shifted my work and every day life.

Giselle Hood

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