Rustic Beach Path


Your body is talking, are you listening?

Private sessions are designed for the individual and combine movement and dialogue in a supportive setting.

Much like traditional talk therapy asks the brain questions, in yoga therapy we ask the body. 

Because the body stores our tensions and stresses, and is intelligent and wise, we get the answers.

Whether you want to address physical, mental, or emotional issues, a private Yoga Therapy session will bring you right to the heart of the matter. You will be held with nonjudgemental, supportive, reflective and compassionate regard.

No yoga experience is necessary.

COVID -19 protocol

Sessions can be in person with no touch and a mask, or online in my private Zoom account. Generally speaking, many practitioners offered online sessions pre COVID-19, so this modality transfers well to Zoom. 

You will need a yoga mat, sitting cushion and any other props you have available.

Duration: 1 hour (first session will be 90 min long)


$100 / 1 session

$270 / 3 sessions 

$450 / 5 sessions

To maximize your experience it is recommended to receive a minimum of 3 to 5 bi-weekly sessions.


"The human soul doesn't want to be advised or fixed or saved.
It simply wants to be witnessed... exactly as it is"

Parker Palmer