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Body Mind Wisdom offers somatic therapies and energy healing to release stuck energy, thoughts, feelings and emotions from the body and help you manage stress.

Everything in our body is interconnected. What is happening in our mind is happening in our body. Our way through tough times is largely influenced by our logic, which is just a small part of our biosphere.  With mindful, compassionate, body-centred presence, we can learn to become attuned to our whole system, which leads to greater well-being.

Using our body as a tool to gain profound insight is not new. Yogi's have known this for thousands of years. What is new, is that we need it now more than ever before.  Along with our busy lives, we have formed habits that take us away from our intuitive knowing. Our ability to communicate what we are thinking, recognize what we are feeling, and give ourselves what we are needing gets lost in the chaos of obligation and responsibility.

Since the Covid-19 pandemic outbreak in 2020, depression, anxiety and fear are more prevalent in the most balanced of humans.  Coping strategies such as over indulging in food, alcohol, drugs, spending, social media, TV will come to a breaking point, and when that happens the issues can no longer be avoided, they need to be resolved.

Body Mind Wisdom provides tools for people to get to know themselves deeply and live a more fulfilling life. Embodiment practices bring us to a place where we can be consciously present to ourselves, our loved ones, and our community. Where we can choose to create healthy and meaningful habits and become clear our values, goals and purpose. This authentic way of being has a profound affect on relationships and will transform our lives.

My programs will show you how to begin, commit, and stick to mindful practices that support your well-being and harmony.



Yoga Teacher, Yoga Therapist, Facilitator and Energy Healer 

​My life and spiritual experiences have gifted me an insight and ability to deeply listen and be compassionately present to others. I am the conduit of ancient teachings. I am a mirror through which a client see's what they hold deep within. I use knowledge, skill, intuition and wisdom to help clients recognize the blocks in their life, and teach them tools to create more health and wellness.  The tools I teach last a lifetime.​


You can read all about my past clients' experiences on the Testimonials page.​​

An intuitive and loving  presence



Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy, Great Barrington, Massachusetts, USA​

Yoga by the Sea, Roberts Creek, B,C., Canada


Teacher and Mentor

Lead Teacher of the Group Facilitation Training Program @ Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy, Great Barrington, Massachusetts, USA​

YTT 200hr program  @ Yoga by the Sea, Roberts Creek, B,C., Canada

YTT 300hr program  @ Yoga by the Sea, Roberts Creek, B,C., Canada


RYT-500 (500hr advanced yoga teacher training)

C-IAYT (Certified by the International Association of Yoga Therapy)

Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapist 800hr program

Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy Group Facilitator

Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy Couples Facilitator

Pranic Healing - Basic, Advanced and Psychotherapy

Arhatic Yoga - Prep

Creative Relaxation Yoga Therapy for Children with Autism and Special Needs

SMART -Ed (Stress Management & Resiliency Techniques for Educators)

Education Assistant (ABA)  Capilano University: currently employed at School District 46

Gaiacraft Permaculture Design Certificate


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Yoga by the Sea
1055 Roberts Creek Road, Roberts Creek, British Columbia


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